SHIFT: Sustainable and Healthy Interventions for Food Transitions


  • Dr Peter Scarborough

    University of Oxford

Project summary

In SHIFT, we will study policies and interventions aimed at meat reduction to achieve climate change goals. We will focus on the consumer-facing food system. We will discover what works, why it works, who it works for, and how to implement it. In work package 1, we will review recent UK dietary policy to explore what has been successful and  why. We will work with policy actors to co-design national policies for meat reduction. In work package 2, we will conduct four trials of policies and interventions, which will be co-designed with the public and food system partners from local government, catering and retail companies. The trials will measure how the interventions and policies change diet. In work package 3, we will use computer models to estimate the impact on health, health inequalities and healthcare costs of delivering these policies and interventions at scale. We will also measure their impact on the cost of diet for different social groups. Our findings will be distributed through public engagement events in museums and shopping centres. We will hold roundtable events with policymakers and work with Sustain (a food advocacy group) to maximise the impact of our work.