RSTMH small grants for snakebite 2021-23


  • Ms Tamar Ghosh

    Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, United Kingdom

Project summary

Snakebite is a strategic priority for RSTMH given its high levels of death and disability. Although there has been an increase in research funding recently, there is still an unmet need to encourage junior researchers to undertake a career in snakebite research. The RSTMH Small Grants Programme is a unique grant funding programme open to early career researchers from anywhere in the world that aims to fill a gap in the research career pathway. RSTMH grants are for up to £5,000 to those early in their careers (e.g. researchers, healthcare professionals, NGO workers, health economists, social scientists) who are working in a field relevant to tropical medicine or global health. These grants typically represent the first time someone has received funding in their own name and helps develop their research and management skills. In 2020, Wellcome piloted a partnership with RSMTH to fund 10 grants in snakebite research. With Wellcome funding, RSTMH awarded grants to African, Asian, South American and European nationals across various snakebite research areas. Following on from the success of the pilot, RSTMH is seeking funding for a 3-year partnership with Wellcome to fund 10 projects per year and up to 30 in total in snakebite research.