Role of lipid-reactive T cells in skin homeostasis and disease 


  • Prof Graham Ogg

    University of Oxford

  • Prof Gurdyal Besra

    University of Birmingham

  • Prof Muzlifah Haniffa

    Newcastle University

  • Prof Jamie Rossjohn

    Monash University

  • Dr Branch Moody

    Harvard Medical School

Project summary

Skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, are very common and carry an enormous burden on patients, families and the NHS.

We aim to develop better approaches to treatments for skin disease by finding out how inflammation occurs in the skin. We have shown that T cells can contribute to inflammation by responding to fatty substances (lipids) in the skin, but there is still much to be understood. We propose to bring together dermatologists, immunologists and chemists from the UK, USA and Australia who have all made major contributions to the field.

We aim to make major advances in the understanding of the role of T cells in skin disease, bringing us to the point of developing new approaches to treatment.