Reviewing the occupational risks of sex workers in comparison to other ‘risky’ professions: mental ill-health, violence and murder


  • Prof Teela Sanders

    University of Leicester

Project summary

By bringing together social scientists, epidemiologists and health practitioners, Dr Sanders aims to understand how occupational health and safety differs between sex workers and other professions established as ‘risky’. 

Data on the occupational risks of sex workers (female, male and transgender) across street and indoor workplaces will be compared to data from other ‘risky’ professions by focusing on three key areas: mental ill health, violence and murder. Analysis of routine data gathered by research partners National Ugly Mugs will contribute to a greater understanding of violence committed against sex workers in the UK. This knowledge should expand understanding of the role of the workplace in shaping and protecting against risk, and the capacity to develop policies and practices that address the specific occupational health inequalities faced by sex workers.