QuPath: Advanced open platform for next generation bioimage analysis


  • Dr Peter Bankhead

    University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Project summary

Bioimage analysis helps answer scientific questions by applying computational methods to images comprising billions of pixels. As imaging technologies advance, new software is needed to interpret these complex images. I created QuPath to address an unmet need for user-friendly, open-source software to view and analyse whole slide images of tissue samples. QuPath is now used by thousands of researchers and pathologists worldwide, in both academia and industry. The aim of this project is to greatly expand QuPath to make even more sophisticated image analysis and artificial intelligence tools accessible across a broader range of scientific applications. This represents a major upgrade to the software, transitioning QuPath from being primarily 2D and pathology-focussed into becoming an advanced, open platform for multidimensional image analysis. This will help enable researchers to maximize the information they can extract from biomedical images, accelerating research through open science.