A preliminary study of ageing and assisted reproduction in India


  • Dr Anindita Majumdar

    Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Project summary

We will inform research design and pilot fieldwork exploring the relationship between ageing and assisted reproduction. The preliminary enquiry will look at ways in which in-vitro fertilisation and other forms of assisted reproductive technology create avenues for ageing couples to have a child well past the biological age of reproduction.

I will review and identify major research interventions in conceptualising the relationship between ageing and reproduction including: the biological clock; menopause; post-menopause; and infertility. I will also establish a network of academics and researchers working in the area of assisted reproduction, infertility, demography, gender and ageing to help create a plan for future research. Along with pilot fieldwork, the grant will help support a specialised research network that will aid the publication of literature on assisted conception and ageing, establish fieldwork connections in India, and constitute an advisory board for future research.

The aim of this preliminary study is to develop questions and themes to formulate a future ethnographic project proposal regarding the link between ageing and assisted reproduction.