Predicting the impacts of universal basic income on mental health inequalities in the UK population: a microsimulation model


  • Dr Rachel Thomson

    University of Glasgow

Project summary

Changes to welfare policies have an impact on mental health. Computer-based 'policy models' based on real-world data are increasingly being used to predict health outcomes before introducing policies in some areas. 

I will create a model which can predict how new welfare or tax policies are likely to affect mental health in the UK. I will first create a virtual UK population which integrates how changes in income and employment can affect mental health, then combine this with an existing model (EUROMOD) that calculates how much new welfare policies will change incomes for individuals and households. I will use the combined model to test the likely outcome of introducing a novel policy of universal basic income on the country’s overall mental health and for different groups. 

Results will be fed back to policy makers, helping them choose policy options most likely to benefit mental health.