Postgraduate Bioethics Network


  • Louise Austin

    Institute of Medical Ethics

Project summary

As bioethics is a relatively new, interdisciplinary academic field, there are often only a few bioethics students at each institution. In 2006, a group of postgraduate bioethics students founded the Postgraduate Bioethics Conference (PGBC) with the aim of bringing together bioethics postgraduates in a supportive environment where they could exchange ideas, develop skills by presenting their work and networking with other students and academics in the field of bioethics. The PGBC has been very successful and is now in its 11th year. However, as an annual event, it lacks a sustained network. The success of the annual event and feedback received from delegates suggests that ongoing events would be popular.

We will develop and sustain a network of postgraduate bioethics students by bringing them together to participate in a programme of activities. The goal will be to enable students to meet and exchange ideas, and develop their skills and knowledge in a supportive and collaborative environment. The planned activities will provide an ongoing programme of events allowing the network to be developed and sustained.