Policy and Implementation for Climate & Health Equity (PAICE)


  • Prof Michael Davies

    University College London, United Kingdom

Project summary

PAICE will inform and evaluate UK Net Zero policies using transdisciplinary approaches to generate and implement evidence. Climate change mitigation policy must consider population health and health equity alongside reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and would benefit from an integrated, intersectoral approach. We will develop shared priorities with stakeholders, understand current and planned policies, build models to assess their cross-sectoral impact, consolidate a monitoring framework, and evaluate and help accelerate delivery. PAICE brings together experts from four Wellcome-funded projects (CUSSH, SHEFS, Pathfinder Initiative and HEROIC) that have generated evidence on the connections between climate and health in the energy, housing, food and transport sectors. We will: (1) co-develop a programme theory and linked monitoring and evaluation plan, (2) work with the UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) using system dynamics to analyse policy opportunities, (3) build a model of the effects of these policies on population health, health equity and greenhouse gas emissions, (4) apply the findings to the CCC monitoring framework, and (5) use the programme theory to evaluate achievement of processes and objectives. PAICE responds to the opportunity to directly influence national policy development and implementation through the pivotal CCC and by sharing findings with G7 partners.