Physiological and pathological regulation of calcium-channel and other ion-channel functions by alpha2delta-subunits and their interacting proteins


  • Prof Annette Dolphin

    Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology

Project summary

Professor Dolphin's research focuses on neuronal voltage-dependent calcium channels, in particular the role of the accessory subunits β and α2δ. Understanding these channels and their accessory subunits is highly relevant to neuropathic pain as both CaV2.2 and α2δ-1 represent important therapeutic targets. In this award, Professor Dolphin will research the interaction of the α2δ subunits with other proteins. Work from her lab has shown that α2δ subunits interact with trafficking proteins. Professor Dolphin therefore aims to examine how this interaction influences the trafficking of α2δ subunits and their associated calcium channels, and whether gabapentinoid drugs can disrupt this interaction. A second aim of her research is to look more broadly at whether α2δ subunits influence other proteins, with a particular focus on other ion channels.