Grants awarded

Original project: function of novel human T cell subsets in host defence


Prof Paul Klenerman

University of Oxford

United Kingdom

We are organising an international meeting on unconventional T cells called CD1–MR1: beyond MHC restricted lymphocytes. This is a four-day meeting for groups investigating these important components of immunity which happens every two years. 

We want to support initiatives that enhance diversity and inclusion at this meeting. These will include bursaries for those with caring responsibilities to assist with childcare, and disability access costs which may include transport assistance or written transcripts of discussions. We will also have bursaries for people from low and middle-income countries (LMICs) which will encourage a broader range of attendees especially from under-represented backgrounds. During the event, we will introduce a buddy system to pair up senior colleagues with more junior attendees to ensure mentoring is available for all those who would benefit from it. We will also have prizes including specific awards for young women scientists.

These initiatives will improve access, promote diversity and maximise the reach and impact of the conference.