Open research: Thailand Major Overseas Programme 2015–2020


  • Prof Phaik Yeong Cheah

    University of Oxford

Project summary

We will create materials for a three-day face-to-face short course on data sharing policy, data management, data governance and data ethics. The proposed modules will include: data sharing requirements from funders and journals; data management; legal and ethical aspects of data sharing; principles of data re-use; elements of clinical research set-up; technical and IT infrastructure; and analytic infrastructure and meta-data. It will also include data repositories (types of repositories and how to make your data visible); data sharing plans; sharing policy, governance and costing data sharing.

We will create online training courses and a data-sharing toolkit as well as preparing a core group of trainers for the face-to-face training. The course will be ready to be delivered to research groups when requested.