Open Biomedical Citations in Context Corpus

Year of award: 2018


  • Dr Silvio Peroni

    University of Bologna

Project summary

Conventional citation indexes, such as Web of Science and Scopus, require subscription and only include sources that meet criteria set by the producer. Moreover, they provide data from reference lists, not individual in-text references. 

Building on the OpenCitations Corpus, we will create an open database of citations between biomedical publications where data are provided at the level of individual in-text references making it possible to distinguish references that are cited only once from those that are cited multiple times. It will also be possible to see which references are cited together, which section of the article they are from and the function of the citation. We will provide and enable third parties to further develop search interfaces and analytical tools that will help researchers find relevant information from an ever-expanding body of literature.

Our database will free biomedical researchers from the limitations of existing databases and traditional methods of searching and evaluating literature.