Neural correlates of retrieval control in human episodic memory


  • Dr Jane Herron

    Cardiff University

Project summary

Jane completed her PhD at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, before taking up her first postdoctoral position at Cardiff University's School of Psychology studying electrophysiological correlates of human episodic memory. Later, as an RCUK academic fellow, Jane examined behavioural and neural correlates of retrieval control in healthy young adults using a variety of imaging modalities (such as EEG, fMRI and MEG). Jane took a five-year career break to care for her children during their preschool years, and has now returned to Cardiff University to continue her research in human episodic memory and retrieval control. During her Fellowship, Jane will be investigating to what extent brain activity associated with retrieval control predicts memory success by combining EEG with other manipulations, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, thus taking her study of retrieval control beyond correlational measures to asking questions about the causal role these processes play in episodic memory retrieval.