Networks exploring Ethics of Ambulance Trials (NEAT)


  • Prof Aloysius Niroshan Siriwardena

    University of Lincoln

Project summary

This project will develop a network of academics, health professionals and ethicists to explore the ethics and practice of conducting randomised controlled trials involving ambulance services. This is a much needed and rapidly expanding area of research with specific ethical and logistical difficulties due to the urgency of conditions and treatment needed in emergency situations, and their impact on recruitment, randomisation and consent procedures.

Our key goal is to build a network of UK expertise to promote knowledge, inform best practice and develop further funding proposals for research into the ethics and conduct of ambulance trials building on and extending proposed preliminary work. This includes conducting: a systematic review and narrative synthesis of ethical approaches in ambulance trials published since 2000; a review of current legal and ethical requirements in ambulance trials in the UK and beyond; pilot qualitative studies to inform further studies into the ethical issues presented by ambulance RCTs; and two networking events to discuss findings and explore avenues for further study.