MultiTex RCT – multifaceted intervention package for protection against cotton dust exposure among textile workers – a cluster randomised controlled trial


  • Asaad Nafees

    The Aga Khan University

Project summary

Textile workers are exposed to various harmful substances while working, including cotton dust, which is present in air during the handling or processing of cotton. Previous research has found a link between cotton dust exposure and impaired respiratory health.

I have been implementing the MultiTex pilot study which is designed to improve workers’ knowledge and behaviour regarding hazards at work, and to reduce dust exposure at cotton textile mills using a multifaceted intervention. The preliminary findings from the pilot will improve the design and implementation of a more scientifically robust study. The larger study will comprise of training in preventive measures for protection against respiratory illnesses for administration staff and workers. Workers will be provided free, disposable face masks and cotton dust levels at the textile mill where the study is carried out will also be measured. I will then determine the effectiveness of this intervention on reducing cotton dust levels in the mills and improvement in the respiratory health of workers.

This study will help cotton textile workers and managers reduce the health hazards of cotton dust exposure and also guide researchers from Pakistan and other low-resource countries towards developing relevant strategies for health protection for these workers.

This grant was awarded under the scheme's previous name of Training Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine.