Molecular mechanisms of cysteine ADP-ribosylation


  • Dr Andrii Gorelik

    University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Project summary

Human cells leverage over 300 types of protein modifications to achieve precise control over various physiological processes. Disruption of protein modifications is often linked to such diseases as cancer, neurodegeneration, and infections. However, the functions of many protein modifications remain uncharacterised. My research will focus on an enigmatic type of protein modification called cysteine ADP-ribosylation with potentially important roles in human development and immune system regulation. By applying a state-of-the-art detection technology, biochemical and genetic approaches, I aim to dissect the exact roles of this novel non-canonical protein modification with ADP-ribose. My results will uncover the molecular machinery involved in the attachment and removal of cysteine ADP-ribosylation to and from proteins and inform the characterisation of new protein drug targets that bear this unusual modification.