Modelling trends associated with HIV and violence perpetration among male clients of sex workers in Soweto, South Africa


  • Dr Jenny Coetzee

    Wits Health Consortium

Project summary

HIV continues to be a burgeoning problem in South Africa. Sex workers (SW) bear the largest burden, compounded by violence perpetrated by male clients of sex workers (MCSWs). Yet, little is known about MCSWs. This study allows us to profile MCSWs by describing the prevalence of HIV, HIV drug resistance (HIVDR), and associated underlying transmission dynamics among MCSWs in Soweto, South Africa. 

We will interview 20 men involved in the sex trade and conduct workshops with ten MCSWs and ten SWs to understand recruitment dynamics for MCSWs. We will conduct a cross-sectional study by randomly selecting hotspots where sex is sold and enrolling SWs to act as recruiters in each area. They will invite a random selection of their clients to participate in the study. Participating MCSWs will complete a survey and undergo laboratory tests for HIV, HIVDR, STIs and substance use.

Our results will reveal trends associated with HIV and HIVDR among MCSWs.