Menstruation Research Network


  • Dr Camilla Rostvik

    University of St Andrews

Project summary

Despite its ubiquity and significance, menstruation has remained under-researched, largely due to myths and prejudice.

We will establish a menstruation research network and a website that brings together experts from sciences and humanities, non-governmental organisations, the arts, industry and the NHS to unify knowledge about the medical, political, economic, psychological and cultural issues related to menstruation, and to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and to plan further work. The impact of menstruation on physical activity and employment and feminist views of menstruation have been identified as areas to be explored. 

This proposal is particularly relevant as the Scottish government rolls out its End Period Poverty scheme, the medical community acknowledges menstruation as a ‘fifth vital sign’, and activists are calling for more environmentally friendly, inexpensive and positive menstrual products.