Measuring uveitis activity using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography


  • Prof Alastair Denniston

    University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Project summary

The understanding of diseases of the retina, which can cause blindness, has been revolutionised by the light-based imaging technique optical coherence tomography (OCT). OCT allows visualisation of individual retinal layers which can allow diagnosis and treatment of disease. OCT segmentation and measurement of the retinal layers is restricted in standard commercial software, limiting researchers’ abilities to mine this wealth of data. 

We will provide an open, accessible, cross-platform tool for the segmentation of OCT images. ReLayer is an online platform where OCT images can be uploaded and analysed. We have written a novel algorithm in Matlab which segments the scans and allows data extraction. We want to reduce processing time by translating the algorithm into a more efficient programming language. We will also extend platform compatibility to other popular OCT instruments enabling Relayer to process multiple images simultaneously. We will also develop accompanying online tutorials and support international outreach.

Our research will help to reduce processing times for OCT imaging which will help to speed up diagnosis of diseases of the retina.