Mapping and diagnosing mental health in/and the UK university sector


  • Dr Leon Rocha

    University of Lincoln

Project summary

In recent years, we have witnessed radical changes in the UK university sector. Student tuition fees have risen to £9,250 per year, there have been attempts to turn higher education into a marketplace of qualifications and the rapid expansion of universities has been made possible through unprecedented levels of borrowing. At the same time, the mental health and wellbeing of university staff and students are reported to have rapidly deteriorated. There have been few attempts to develop methods to investigate the relationship between the transformation of universities and mental health. 

We will produce the first network map of UK higher education featuring key actors and organisations, focusing particularly on those who have influence in relation to university health and wellbeing. We will also gather and analyse policies on this subject and assess where they locate causes of mental ill-health and possible interventions.