Magical Mollie: cataloguing and celebrating the achievements of Mollie Angelia Hunte (1932–2015), black educational psychologist treating black African-Caribbean children in London


  • London Metropolitan Archives

Project summary

We want to open up the archive of Mollie Hunte, one of the few black African-Caribbean psychologists working with children in the black community in the UK. Mollie’s contribution to the mental well-being and education of young people is little known beyond those who knew her in London. The completeness and depth of her archive is noteworthy, but the records are in a disordered and inaccessible state. There are case files, minutes, correspondence, printed material and cassette tapes documenting training and developments in educational psychology from the 1970s to the 2000s. 

A qualified archivist will catalogue the archives on our online catalogue and compile a database from the case files. They will also repackage paper records and digitise audio-visual material to ensure long-term preservation. A conservator will survey the archive and treat and digitise selected highlights to support outreach.

Our work on the archives will bring the achievements of Mollie Hunte to a wider audience and enrich health-related research about the black community.