Machine learning for automated regulatory algorithms: exploring the potential of artificial intelligence for the regulation of healthcare practitioners


  • Dr John Chamberlain

    Swansea University

Project summary

Owing to developments in artificial intelligence (AI), it has been suggested that the next miracle drug will be a computer algorithm. However, the field of healthcare regulation is one key area of modern medicine which has yet to consider what the possible impact of AI could be. 

We will examine how AI could transform the current ways in which practitioners’ fitness to practise is monitored and disciplinary tribunal processes are managed. It will involve a series of scoping workshops with key representatives from healthcare regulators, practitioners, academics, public interest, computing and AI industry sectors. The goal is to finalise the content of a showcase conference to present ‘the state of the field’ in AI development in healthcare, and detail future visions concerning its possible impact in on healthcare regulation. 

The project will establish a strategic network of collaborative and research partners that will help to shape the ways in which AI might contribute to the future development of UK regulation.