Living Assessment: measurement, thresholds and the health of disabled and at-risk children in England, 1989-present


  • Dr Julie Anderson

    University of Kent

  • Dr Robbie Duschinsky

    University of Cambridge

  • Dustin Hutchinson

    National Children's Bureau

Project summary

There is an urgent need to understand more about the assessment of children’s risk for serious harm to health and development and the care needs of children with disabilities in England. Julie Anderson is a historian of disability, Robbie Duschinsky is a historical sociologist of child welfare and Dustin Hutchinson is a research and policy analyst at the National Children’s Bureau, a charity which influences policy to support child and family well-being. Collectively, we have the skills to explore this subject using our knowledge of the medical humanities.

We will draw on historical analysis, oral testimonies, patient records and action research. We will be supported by experts by experience and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children.

Our collaboration will create a contextualised understanding of these assessments and their meanings for children, families, assessors and policy.