Let all know, MNCH opportunities, Uganda


  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Project summary

Healthy Child Uganda (HCU) has generated a wealth of information on maternal, newborn and childhood (MNCH) experiences and best practice, but it is not being disseminated effectively. 

We will engage people in digital storytelling (DST). DST is a people-centred methodology that allows people to share part of their life story, where they possess narrative control throughout the story’s creation. It involves creating short videos of images, music and text, with a first-person narration. DST is empowering for storytellers; it amplifies their voice for a broader audience and enhances communication and technology skills. We will provide certification for faculty members who complete DST training. They will then coordinate with HCU team members to identify people in the community to participate.

Digital storytelling will help to create meaning from the wealth of data generated through research and help us learn from communities’ and individuals’ lived experiences.