Investigating the role of the metformin resistome on host health

Year of award: 2018


  • Dr Filipe Cabreiro

    Imperial College London

Project summary

Type 2 diabetes has become pandemic in high-income countries despite medical advances. Until recently, research into treatments for type 2 diabetes has focused on host genetics that pose a challenge to the development of effective therapies. An ever-increasing body of scientific evidence shows that human health is strongly regulated by symbiotic gut microbes but knowledge of their role in the mediation of drug therapy is lacking.

We will use worms and mice as model host organisms and we will tease apart the complex interactions between host, microbial genetics and drugs. We will focus on understanding how gut microbes develop resistance to metformin and how this natural selection mechanism interferes with its ability to treat diabetes and obesity.

The findings of this proposal will inform the development of strategies to predict host responsiveness to treatment and improve disease outcomes.