The inflammatory response as a targetable pharmacodynamic parameter of antileishmanial drugs


  • Dr Maria Gomez

    Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Medicas, Colombia

Project summary

The radio drama: 'Myths and Realities of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis' will consist of 6 ten-minute episodes in Spanish and will be a co-created product of the interaction with the inhabitants of the municipality of Tumaco, particularly with local health workers and patients. The creation and dissemination of the radio drama will be carried out in collaboration with the local community broadcaster: Tumaco Stereo, and through it, the importance of early and timely treatment in the management of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) will be promoted in Tumaco, a municipality that is endemic for CL and that is affected by socio- economic exclusion, and an intense armed conflict, which make accessing health education difficult.