Incorporating behavioural, epidemiological and one health approaches on humans, animals and the environment as contributors of antibiotic resistance in Malaysia: setting up a global network 


  • Prof Jamuna Vadivelu

    University of Malaya

Project summary

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has emerged as a major public health problem all over the world. Infections caused by drug-resistant microorganisms fail to respond to treatment, causing prolonged illness and greater risk of death. Microorganisms have the capability to develop resistance due to misuse and overuse of antimicrobial drugs. Discovery of new drugs takes time, is costly and may not have the desired effect. The widespread use of antimicrobial drugs in healthcare and by vets and the agricultural industry to treat animals and enhance growth, and this contributes to the development of drug resistance. 

It is important to understand the public’s knowledge and beliefs regarding antimicrobial usage and the risk and consequences of AMR. This will help us develop health policies, educational tools and community engagement across all borders.