Healthcare anatomy of conflict


  • Dr Louis Lilywhite

    Chatham House

Project summary

This project aims to create a consortium of institutions and countries, involved in the development of a research protocol, implementation plan and grant application, to map the populations’ views and experience of healthcare during the various phases of conflict and recovering, including the carriers there, those responsible for them and their perceived effects. Sources of health and healthcare include peers, traditional healers and non-state armed groups and conventional providers (State, NGOs, IGOs, etc). The research will complement work being undertaken on the relationship between Non State Armed Groups and health and healthcare, and a research protocol that has been developed to explore the motivation, and perceived successes and failures of decision makers during conflict and transition to peace.

The project developed with this grant will enable a comparison between policies at national level with experience on the ground. The project will influence policy through gaining the populations’ understanding and views of the humanitarian principles of neutrality and independence; on interventions designed to win ‘hearts and minds’; and their perception of providers and healthcare workers.