Health for all in an unequal world: obligations of global bioethics


  • Sarojini Nadimpally

    Sama Resource Group for Women and Health

Project summary

Despite several gains in health research and healthcare, global health insecurity is a formidable challenge for the health and bioethics communities. The public health crises due to Ebola, Zika and the devastation caused by conflict across the globe, for instance, highlight inequities, ethical issues and the how prepared health systems are to cope with such challenges.

Sama Resource Group for Women and Health and the Forum for Medical Ethics Society are organising the 14th World Congress of Bioethics (WCB) by the International Association of Bioethics in December 2018 to be held in Delhi, India. The theme is ‘Health for All in An Unequal World: Obligations of Global Bioethics’. Activities leading up to and during the congress will enable mobilisation, the building of networks and skills, particularly of the next generation of South-Asian bioethicists and will provide a platform for intersectional dialogue. A spectrum of sub themes will also be discussed.

The congress will establish deeper multidisciplinary connections that will strengthen ethical practice, policy and law in the context of health for all.