Haematopoietic stem cell fate and bone marrow microenvironment changes in severe infection: cellular and molecular mechanisms 


  • Dr Cristina Lo Celso

    Imperial College London

Project summary

The spread of antimicrobial resistance will result in severe infections being difficult to treat with traditional medicines. Until now, we have studied the cells of the immune system for answers because they are at the front line of the fight against pathogens. However, we now know that our entire blood production system switches gear in response to infection and the stem cells that maintain it are put under great strain. 

We will use advanced microscopy and other technologies to look inside the bones of mice affected by malaria to understand how blood stem cells are affected by the disease and how we can protect them.    

Our findings will help in the development of new therapies for malaria that maximise our immune response but curb deleterious effects on the rest of the body.