Governing artificial intelligence safety in healthcare: developing a learning architecture for regulation, investigation and improvement


  • Dr Carl Macrae

    University of Nottingham

Project summary

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential to improve the safety of care that patients receive by, for example, improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning. But AI also has the potential to introduce a range of new risks to patient safety, such as making decisions that are difficult to understand or check. To maximise the benefits of AI in healthcare it is critical that the patient safety risks it poses are robustly regulated and governed.

I will analyse how AI safety should be regulated and governed in healthcare and how those systems of governance should be able to adapt over time to accommodate future developments. The types of patient safety risks posed by AI will be analysed, along with the key regulatory functions needed to effectively govern those risks.

A series of workshops will bring together key stakeholders to help develop this proposed governance framework and plan future research.