Global perspectives on governing assisted reproductive technologies


  • Dr Lucy Frith

    University of Liverpool

Project summary

Infertility is a growing social and medical problem and the use of assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs) is rising, particularly in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). There are substantial differences in how ARTs are regulated and who can access them in different countries and people are increasingly travelling abroad to use them. We urgently need to address regulation of these technologies in such a globalised context. 

We will develop new approaches for the effective regulation and oversight of the rapidly expanding global market in ARTs. We will establish an international network of scholars, regulators, policy makers, scientists, users and other stakeholders. We will then produce a scoping paper setting out the key debates.

This work will lay the groundwork for future international policy engagement that will enable dynamic discussions of new regulatory approaches, emphasising the growing use of ARTs in LMIC.