Gene expression heterogeneity in the maintenance and coordinated differentiation of neuromesodermal progenitors in vivo


  • Dr Benjamin Steventon

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

Modern imaging data in biology is multi-scalar in that raw image data undergoes a series of processing steps until it is at a manageable size to perform quantification and analysis. While this might be beneficial to one set of scientific questions, it may be inappropriate for others. This creates a central road-block in the open sharing of large-scale imaging data. 

We will generate a web-based database that stores experimental and data descriptors with links to the raw and processed data files. This will enhance our ability to upload data to repositories that are best placed to share the datasets, from raw data files to extracted and processed data. The website will link to the data and act as an integrated platform for other researchers to access and explore the data. An evaluation phase will be built in, where we will reach out to collaborating laboratories to assess the effectiveness of our open research platform. 

Our project will allow researchers to access our data at all levels.