The Future of One Health? The Challenges and Opportunities of Using Digital Technologies to Strengthen Infectious Disease Management and Animal Health Responses in China


  • Dr Kin Wing (Ray) Chan

    University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Project summary

China's pork industry has increasingly digitalised its supply chain. We can therefore use it as a case study to illuminate how DTs influence human behaviour, social relationships and One Health policies. 'DTs', including sensors, real-time monitoring and cloud computing, are used by Chinese farmers and vets to detect and control infectious diseases. Chinese consumers use shopping apps to purchase meat online from a store in real time. Given these rapid developments, we need to understand the pros and cons of using DTs to tackle antimicrobial resistance and improve food safety. But do DTs truly help farmers and vets minimise the use of antimicrobials on farms and improve animal health? How do consumers perceive this 'informational meat'? Do they feel more in-control of the food they eat? I will use in-depth interviews, participant observations, workshops and 'food mapping' to answer these questions and influence future policymaking on OH and digital farming.