From ‘a penny in the pound' to 'free at the point of delivery': cataloguing the pre- and post-1948 hospital records of Monmouthshire


  • Gwent Archives

Project summary

Gwent Archives holds an extensive collection of unlisted and partially catalogued hospital and health records from Monmouthshire. These records need cataloguing and conservation to ensure long-term survival and accessibility.

An advisory board of lead historians will oversee the development of ISAD(g) compliant electronic catalogues and cleaning and packaging the documents. Implementation of these objectives will enable us to gain full intellectual and physical control of this collection. The catalogues will be added to our website and incorporated into The National Archives and Wellcome Library Hospital Records Database. A guide to our hospital and health collection and a blog will also be produced.

This project will allow us to professionally conserve the records and promote global accessibility. We will inspire interest in the medical history of Monmouthshire and promote accessibility of academic research by standardising the catalogues.