Framing inequalities through causal stories: a cross-case comparison and critical reflection


  • Dr Naoimh McMahon

    Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Project summary

Health inequalities are unfair differences in health outcomes that exist between different groups of people in society. Lifestyle behaviours and healthcare access do influence these outcomes. Even more important though are things beyond the health sector, such as education, housing, and the environments in which people grow up. However, the way we think and talk about health inequalities can sometimes make it more difficult to tackle these wider factors. In my research, I plan to examine the language and stories that people use to describe inequalities in three sectors beyond health: early years education, youth justice, and housing. I will look at the academic literature, speak to people working in these sectors, and bring everybody together to discuss and reflect upon different ways of understanding inequalities. The research is important to help everyone to better understanding of the causes of inequalities and, importantly, how we can work together to them.