Food System Adaptations in Changing Environments in Africa (FACE-Africa)


  • Dr Rosemary Green

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Project summary

Climate change affects the ability of food systems to produce sufficient and healthy foods for growing populations. As environmental challenges become more profound, adaptation strategies are needed to improve the resilience of food systems in Africa to prevent food insecurity and adverse health outcomes. 

We will synthesise evidence and develop novel methods and tools to assess the health effects of food system adaptations to climate change in Africa. We will use The Gambia as a case study as it is highly-dependent on small-scale agriculture and has increasing environmental pressures, including reduced rainfall and rising temperatures. We will use secondary data for environment, food systems and health to examine the effectiveness of food system adaptations. We will model realistic food systems and health indicators and evaluate adaptation scenarios. 

Our work will result in country-specific, policy-relevant evidence on the effectiveness of food system adaptations to deliver healthy and sustainable diets for all.