Fertility Fest


  • Echo Presents

Project summary

Fertility Fest is the first arts festival dedicated to the science of making babies. After a pilot in 2016, we want to deliver two more festivals creating a high profile platform of inspirational and provocative performances, exhibitions, discussion and debate related to fertility, infertility and assisted reproduction.

The festivals will involve over 100 artists and fertility experts and will explore a wide spectrum of issues including the impact of conceiving (or not) using an imperfect science, our responsibilities to the children born as a result, and how far we should go in pursuit of parenthood as the science develops.

The festival is aimed at the wider public but key audiences include patients, fertility professionals and young people who urgently need better fertility education.

By 2020 we hope to have created a high profile national discourse so that patients and the public have the opportunity to explore, debate and shape fertility science. We aim to improve support and solidarity for patients of assisted conception so they feel less isolated, and build greater understanding of the emotional and ethical issues related to fertility treatment in order to improve patient care and outcomes.