Exploring mitochondrial metabolism in health and disease using targeted biological chemistry


  • Prof Richard Hartley

    University of Glasgow

  • Dr Michael Murphy  

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

Mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to pathologies ranging from the acute, such as cardiac ischaemia-reperfusion injury, to chronic, such as the metabolic syndrome and the degenerative diseases that occur with ageing. Pathology is often associated with increased levels of reactive species such as superoxide and hydrogen peroxide. However, the molecular mechanisms by which elevated mitochondrial reactive species and disruption to redox signalling contribute to pathology are unclear and disputed. This is largely because reactive species and redox changes are difficult to assess in vivo and therapeutic options are limited. Professor Hartley and Dr Murphy aim to determine the molecular mechanisms by which disruption to mitochondrial reactive species and redox signalling networks contribute to acute pathologies and chronic degenerative disorders. This will help to develop new classes of rational therapies for these disorders.