Evolutionarily conserved flavivirus immune evasion mechanisms


  • Dr Kevin Maringer

    University of Bristol

Project summary

Kevin's research aims to understand how the vector-borne flaviviruses, which include important human pathogens such as dengue virus, evade innate immune responses in their human and invertebrate hosts. He is also comparing non-structural proteins, in particular the protease complex NS2B/3, from a range of flaviviruses, for their ability to disrupt cytokine production and signalling. Kevin is also investigating whether exposure to a group of flaviviruses that are restricted to mosquitoes (insect-specific flaviviruses), alters the immune response to dengue virus and dengue disease progression. Kevin began his Fellowship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, working with Dr Ana Fernandez-Sesma, and will complete his Fellowship in his host laboratory, led by Dr Andrew Davidson (University of Bristol).