Ethical issues in self-funded social care: co-producing knowledge with older people


  • Dr Lizzie Ward

    University of Brighton

Project summary

We will bring together artists, researchers and cultural organisations to challenge public perceptions of the meaning and value of care in human relationships. Public debate on care is typically limited by policy concerns about the economic costs of an ageing population and the anticipated impact on health and social care resources. Using an artist’s film as the focal point, we will work with Brighton-based contemporary art gallery Fabrica to produce a programme of exhibitions and discussions informed by our research on older people's lived experiences of social care. We aim to create the space for deeper reflection and consideration of philosophical issues underlying care, such as, interdependency, relationships and identity.

This partnership will expand our public engagement by diversifying and building new audiences for our work and provide a solid basis for developing future collaborations. It will also lead to the production of a digital artefact which can continue to be used beyond the life of the project and generate further opportunities for public engagement.