Eternal Beauty


  • Cliff Edge Pictures

Project summary

After years of sensationalised cinematic depictions of mental illness, we want to create a film that will redress the balance and contribute towards a greater understanding and thoughtfulness towards schizophrenia. 

Eternal Beauty will present a sensitive, humane, yet accessible, depiction of the condition. Scientists will work with our actors during rehearsals, contributing to the production process on set. They will also be present during editing to ensure 100% accuracy. Our goal is for the film to resonate with families facing the effects of the condition, while at the same time increasing awareness and sensitivity towards the condition. We also intend to make the film available for exhibitions and initiatives, such as Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Director Craig Roberts’ cult following and social media presence will publicise the film, along with mainstream media, news outlets, the critical community, promotional events and the profile of the attached actors Sally Hawkins and David Thewlis.