Epidemics Ethics


  • Prof Michael Parker

    University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Project summary

With this proposal we seek to establish a global community of bioethicists (to be known as 'Epidemics Ethics') combined with a range of online resources and activities together capable of providing real-time, contextually appropriate support to assist researchers, policy-makers, communities, and responders in identifying, analysing and addressing ethical issues arising in the context of global health emergencies.

Epidemics Ethics will complement the newly established Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Ethics Network (PHEPREN) by providing: timely responses to ethical problems, access to networks of experts, an array of online resources including seminars, workshops and blogs, and ethics briefings on issues of current concern.

A key aim of Epidemics Ethics will be to support the establishment of fair, collaborative partnerships to enable ethics research to be conducted by ethics scholars in low- and middle-income countries in the context of broader supportive international collaborations. With this in mind, capacity building will be a key focus.