Engagement Fellowship for Abraham Mamela

Year of award: 2018


  • Abraham Mamela

    Infers Group

Project summary

Many African states, including Botswana, have pledged to transform from resource-based to knowledge-based economies. Science research and development can help this transformation. A better understanding of science and increased participation brings better livelihoods, improved economic conditions and improved health policies. There are challenges that hinder public engagement efforts and African governments, business communities and African people do not fully participate in science development.

I want to encourage an improved culture of science in Africa by encouraging participation from stakeholders and community groups. I want to demonstrate that involvement in research has benefits to society. In the process of creating strong science ecosystems, technology, culture, arts and creative industries must form the engagement policy agenda. Engagement will be inclusive and sensitive to people’s perspectives, and new technology, such as mobile apps, will be used to strengthen engagement. 

This approach can change the public's experience and interaction with science, and more importantly health sciences.