Empowering street children to inform responses to their health needs


  • StreetInvest

Project summary

For the past 40 years, the Children in Need Institute (CINI) has been championing children’s rights in health, nutrition, education and child protection. The vicious cycle of malnutrition and infection is rooted in a myriad of social, economic and cultural causes and does not have a clinical solution. 

This project is driven by street children themselves and it is centred on their ability to gather research, organise the data and implement an evidence-based solution to the local municipalities in charge of health-related policies in Kolkata, India. This project brings together CINI’s expertise in community healthcare with StreetInvest’s street child research and expertise in training, monitoring and evaluation. 

The aim is to develop a scalable, child-centred, cost-effective response to the healthcare issues of street-connected children driven by and consistent with their own experiences and lifestyles.