Eh!Woza: drug resistant TB music collaboration


  • Eh!Woza

Project summary

Eh!Woza’s have developed collaborative opportunities with talented young musicians from Cape Town townships and young people living with drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB). We aim to develop and formalise these emerging relationships and broaden Eh!Woza’s public engagement practice and impact.

Our workshops will bring together young people living with DR-TB who are enrolled in Eh!Woza, and biomedical researchers from Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative-Africa and the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM). The young people will share personal narratives and explore the biomedicine of DR-TB, showing researchers the lived reality of DR-TB and inspiring musicians to produce new music and music videos. These videos will combine the personal stories of DR-TB affected youth and the experience of young musicians in poverty and disease-stricken areas. The project will culminate with an annual outdoor concert in the township on World TB Day, showcasing Eh!Woza’s youth-produced films and music videos along with live performances.