Effects of Polar Climate Change on Global Health and Healthcare


  • University of Exeter

Project summary

The "Effects of Polar Climate Change on Global Health and Healthcare" project aims to develop new integrated assessment models, Health-POLAR and Healthcare IND-POLAR, to supplement existing climate health analyses by assessing the additional impacts of polar tipping points. With 9 of the 16 global climate tipping points located in polar regions and five expected to be crossed before +2C of warming, understanding these regions' roles is crucial. This project will address the gap of underreported risks posed by polar tipping points on global health and the healthcare sector, effectively communicate these impacts and enable policymakers, healthcare industry leaders, and citizens in climate-vulnerable regions to develop more effective adaptation plans. The project will be conducted across 5 work packages for three years with the following objectives:

- Integrate polar science knowledge into leading health outcome models and risk analytics.
- Raise awareness of and engagement with key target audiences on the global risks of health outcomes resulting from polar change.
- Establish structured approaches for dialogue and action on adaptive solution pathways, laying the foundation for ongoing communication and engagement.