Discovering the antibody maturation defects in original antigenic sin to improve influenza and dengue vaccine design, and improving techniques for antibody cloning


  • Dr Harry White

    Department of Biosciences

Project summary

From 1990 to 2005/06 Harry worked in various laboratories in London, initially investigating bone-marrow adhesion molecules at UCL and, later, analysing antibody responses using antibody gene sequencing at the Institute of Child Health. Harry and his family then decided to move to Dartmoor. To enable part-time work from home while they developed their farm, Harry completed an MA in Industrial Design and worked self-employed on various projects communicating science with design. When the farm development was finished, Harry applied for and was awarded a Career Re-entry Fellowship in November 2012. He started his new position at the University of Exeter in January 2013, where he is analysing antibody responses with a view to understanding why sub-optimal responses often happen in response to viruses like influenza and dengue.