The development and feasibility trial of a complex intervention to improve AccesS to living-donor Kidney transplantation: the ASK trial


  • Dr Phillippa Bailey

    University of Bristol

Project summary

A living-donor kidney transplant (LDKT) is the best treatment for most people with kidney failure and has the best outcomes in terms of life expectancy. The amount of LDKTs in the UK falls behind many other countries and some demographic groups are less likely to receive one than others. The most socioeconomically deprived people with kidney disease are 60% less likely to receive an LDKT than the least deprived.

I will develop a multicomponent intervention, combining approaches used outside the UK, to help people overcome barriers to accessing an LDKT. I will establish the feasibility of delivering and evaluating the intervention in existing NHS care pathways by practitioners at different hospitals. If feasible, I will then undertake a randomised controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of the intervention at increasing uptake of LDKTs.

My findings could be used to reduce the inequality surrounding access to LDKTs in the UK.